Coloured KAPLA® planks

Twelve colours to make your creations sparkle

Although their size doesn’t vary, KAPLA planks come in all sorts of colours! Builders aged 2+ can stack the planks and combine colours to create lively and varied imaginary worlds. Our planks are made from sustainable and untreated Landes pine, dyed using EN71-compliant paints to ensure the safety of all players.

Spice up your imagination

With ten colours to choose from, there is something for everyone... We've selected soft and natural tones to add harmony and elegance as your creations take shape.

Open new horizons

Explore more realistic structures, play with symmetry, create depth, or revive your favourite creations with touches of colour.

Play with safety assured

All our planks are made from solid, natural Landes pine, sourced from sustainably managed forests. The planks are hand-picked and dyed with food-grade colours to ensure safety for young builders.