KAPLA® is an ideal creative classroom resource with a wide application potential. It is loved by children of all ages: for free play or a lesson, alone or in teams, to create art or grasp science… 

These loose parts are identical pine planks. Pupils need only to use their imagination to stack them, and gravity to balance them ! 

For 30 years, KAPLA® has represented a highly adaptable way for teachers of approaching many subjects. KAPLA®’s single module provides an open-ended game, adapting to every child’s abilities and ambitions. This benefits numerous aspects of children’s cognitive and physical development. 

This wooden construction game offers a hands-on approach to get your students engaged in the learning process in a different way. Thus, teaching art, mathematics, expression, problem-solving, geometry is possible with a unique resource… and a lot of fun !

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This year, KAPLA® developed a new school set. It aims at giving you the best experience in the classroom and during recess. You will have 1000 planks at your disposal, as well as pedagogical worksheets (download an example here) and construction examples… Indeed, everything you need to make the most of your new creative classrooom resource! And what’s more, you can try this school set for two months for free!


A comprehensive set for the whole school to enjoy. 100% satisfied or refunded!

1000 KAPLA planks, 4 art books and an educational guide in your classroom.