KAPLA® : one plank to build anything!

KAPLA® is a fun and simple construction game based on a single module: a pine plank.

No need for glue or clips: simply stack the planks and go where your imagination takes you. Build a tower, a house, a bridge, and all kinds of extraordinary structures and creatures...

Solo or in groups, KAPLA® is suitable for all and inspires joyful moments of creative play!

The KAPLA World

A game for everyone

Play without rules or limits, solo or with others, suitable for ages 2+

Little identical planks of Landes pine, stacked simply without glue or fasteners: a concept which, because of its simplicity, transcends all generations and brings together players young and old.

Develop through construction

KAPLA® is an open-ended game suitable for all ages and abilities

Players are motivated by being encouraged to explore and challenge their limits, while also developing creativity, ingenuity, logic and perseverance.

Sustainable quality

Made from natural French pine sourced from sustainable forests

We exclusively use Landes pine from local, sustainably managed forests. The wood is natural, the coloured planks dyed using food-grade colouring. The planks are made in strict compliance with European regulations. We also conduct a manual selection process to provide you with planks that last for years.

Each day opens new worlds

Momentary creations from an ever-evolving imagination

KAPLA constructions are designed to be joyfully destroyed afterwards: that’s all part of the game! The next day, the same planks will give rise to a whole new universe. The possibilities are endless…