Educational Value

KAPLA® contains elements of arts and craft architecture and construction and is used in many schools as an effective educational toy that children enjoy.

      KAPLA® encourages logical thinking

With KAPLA® children are naturally encouraged to think logically and helps them to develop spatial awareness. Children that play with KAPLA increase their ability to organise elements in three dimensions by building creations using the identical, unfixed pine KAPLA®. In addition, KAPLA® enhances a child’s awareness of shape, volume and sense of balance whilst developing manual dexterity.

      Stimulating Creativity with KAPLA®

Playing with KAPLA® enhances a Child’s (and adult’s!) creative thinking as it enables limitless constructions formed from their imagination. Using this innate creativity enables children to express their artistic talents.

      Concentration, Perseverance and Patience

KAPLA® encourages concentration, patience and perseverance – skills which contribute into other areas of a child’s education which can contribute to their overall success at school. Good concentration, having patience and persevering with KAPLA® rewardeds with satisfying and impressive construction in which they can take great pride. There is no cheating with KAPLA®; without constructing a solid base to start with, it will undoubtedly collapse – this is where the skills of perseverance and patience are developed.

      Cognitive Development with KAPLA®

Children go through several stages of cognitive development throughout their childhood. During each stage a child can develop different skills which are nurtured by the methods with which they play. KAPLA planks is a progressive toy and offers children a familiar toy with which they can play at their own level throughout their cognitive development; as they grow, so does KAPLA®.

      Teamwork with KAPLA®

KAPLA® is ideal for groups of children to play with as it encourages teamwork, communication and cooperation. Playing together, children jointly decide on their subject and then help one another to construct it. They then share the joy of completion and learn the value of working effectively with others as a team.


Experiment with KAPLA® for 2 months for free at your school with our Special School Offer