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200 wooden KAPLA planks in a storage box. Includes instruction booklet for basic construction techniques.


Ideal to start building with Kapla Planks

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280 Kapla planks in a beautiful wooden storage box. Includes a Kapla book with models to inspire you.


Excellent gift or birthday present

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1000 KAPLA planks and two construction instruction booklets. Planks supplied in an easy-to-move storage box.


Ideal for groups and schools

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100 planks in 8 different colors.


Put colour into your construction

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Ideal to discover KAPLA! 100 KAPLA planks supplied in a wooden storage box with cover images showing what’s possible with less than 100 planks.


Ideal to discover KAPLA

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Discover KAPLA! Wooden box containing 40 coloured planks.


Inject colour into your KAPLA creations

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40 coloured KAPLA planks and art book. Two colors included in each set, with 20 blocks of each color.
Colour combinations avalable:


Great for every KAPLA-builder

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Four KAPLA planks books are available to inspire creativity for different ages:


Ideal for inspiration

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Wooden box containing 50 black blocks and 50 white blocks.


Great for Kapla Collection

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KAPLA challenge is an original, multi-faceted game challenging balance, dexterity and logic all at once…


Kapla Challenge