The KAPLA plank

KAPLA® is a wooden construction toy made up from a set of identical pine wood planks. The unique size of the planks, which are in the ratio of 1:3:15, makes them ideal for constructing many different building creations.

KAPLA® is simple and just requires a child’s imagination. It needs no glue, no screws and no clips to fix the planks. Each plank is simply placed one on top of the other. The planks are held in place by gravity and balance alone. KAPLA® allows children to build, create and experiment by using their own imagination. With KAPLA planks a child can safely build alone or together with friends and family.

KAPLA® suitable for children aged 3 and up. Whilst being very simple to use and enjoy, with some experience buildings and creations can become satisfyingly complex. Children learn every time they build and will advance their building techniques by playing. Everything is possible with KAPLA planks!


An ecological toy

KAPLA planks are made from 100% untreated wood sourced from pine forests in Les Landes in the South-west of France. These forests are natural and renewable. Due to the purity and quality of the pine wood used, KAPLA planks are durable and will last for many years.

Meeting International Standards, the raw materials used for KAPLA planks are carefully selected and then independently tested by specialised laboratories.

Our precision manufacturing process ensures that each KAPLA planks is exactly the same size, has the correct ratio, is perfectly balanced and smooth which results in stable construction and counter lever potential.